fredda.® technology

Our technology has been specifically developed to be able to centralize, structure, control, analyze and optimize each data that may affect the management of a brand on Amazon.

Vendor & Seller Performance Dashboard

Our technology integrates all Vendor and Seller Central data in a unified and structured way in the same interactive dashboard. This allows brands to have a global view, by country or ASIN of the performance, sales and evolution of each product. It also controls the open, closed, rejected or invoiced POs, penalties, margins and costs of Seller Central together with all its analytics of Brand Analytics and ARA basic or premium. It centralizes and analyzes all your data.

Full Analytics
by Product.

We show complete daily updated analytics for each ASIN at the sales, performance, advertising, SEO, buybox, sales index, valuations and other key factors. Through interactive graphics, the evolution of each product and its variations in each country can be monitored in a unified way, simplifying management and rapid decision-making decisions based on data.

The definitive tool
for brand management.

Our technology for management, analytics and optimization – together with our know-how and specialized team – will increase the chances of success at Amazon.

Some features:

fredda.® integrates more than 50 functionalities for daily management. optimization and control of Amazon brands worldwide.


Data + Technology + Equipment = Guarantee of results.

Our technology has been developed by our team of experts at Amazon thanks to the great experience accumulated from years in the management of large international brands and as a necessary tool for the sale of our own products both in Seller and Vendor Central all over the world.

Advanced SEO

We daily monitor the changes of positions of each ASIN for an unlimited number of keywords creating ad-hoc projects and being able to measure how optimizations and strategies performed affect the positioning of each product. We store the history of your products, your competition, each change, we do reverse analysis, the Sponsor Products for each keyword and also, we show the data and evolution in interactive graphics.

Brand Reputation

We monitor your brand’s reputation and its daily evolution at a global level, by country, by product and even by variations at the ASIN level. Our technology allows us to receive notifications of evaluations and reviews of each product and to carry out operational monitoring and their daily management. We control the performance of your sellers and we can benchmark the competition.

Prices and Sellers

Our technology for monitoring prices and sellers allows us to have controlled the prices at which each seller sells controlled all the time, being able to establish price alert increases and decreases and store all the products sold by each seller and their price fluctuations. We can also monitor competitive products and establish benchmarks by product type and detect opportunities in the different verticals.

Content analysis,
control and optimization.

We measure each factor that impacts the optimization of the content of your listings and we are able to measure how the conversion and positioning of each product evolves. We monitor the competition and control if other sellers try to make any content changes. We also analyze the contents of your competition and establish strategies based on data and their evolution over time.

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