Daily operations

360º Services for International Brands


We have a team dedicated to managing Vendor’s day-to-day operations as Seller Central, both for our customers, as well as for the brands we sell and our own products.

Retail management - Vendor Central

Our company specializes in the management of large clients, the vast majority of which sell through Vendor Central accounts. We have exclusive technology in the market focused on the comprehensive management of international retail accounts and large catalogs.

  • Interactive dashboard integrated with Vendor Central and ARA account.
  • Daily operations management, weekly POs and advanced analytics
  • Tickets, incidents, penalties and claims to Amazon
  • Catalog management, optimizations and commercial margins
  • Coordination with Vendor Managers and reporting
  • Own international Vendor accounts in more than 70 categories

Seller Central Accounts - FBA & MFN Orders

We take care of the total or partial management of your Seller Central (3P) account for any product, category and country. As we have our own warehouses, we can provide high-value-added services to your operations such as preparation of special packs, picking packing, storage and deliveries of products not suitable for FBA, manage returns and internationalize your brand.

  • Integrated Seller’s Central interactive dashboard
  • Daily management of operations, shipments, returns and advanced analytics
  • Tickets, incidents, customer service and performance
  • Catalog management, optimizations and commercial margins
  • Access to the pan-European program through our Seller accounts
  • Account certified as a seller of products for Covid-19

360º international accounts management

We daily manage large international accounts in Europe, the United States and Mexico; being able to give you a complete service that goes from the total externalization of the daily management of the account, to specific parts such as operations, marketing, consulting or technology. We serve large sellers in more than 100 categories both in Seller and Vendor Central or hybrid models, which are increasingly being demanded.

We currently have under management more than 100,000 active listings in 9 countries of our clients and we are used to managing large international accounts with very demanding operational demands in each country.

Catalog, tickets and incidents

We know that Amazon, both in the 1P and 3P models, is very demanding in terms of internal resources and performance, so we can manage all the sellers’ daily operations thanks to our specialized team and ad-hoc technology.

  • Catalog creation and optimization – backend and frontend
  • Catalog issues, content changes, and monitoring
  • Performance control, shipments, returns and operating ratios
  • Daily management of tickets and system notifications
  • Penalty claims and daily problem solving

Customer support management, reviews and Q&A

Our native team and technology applied to buyer care, customer ratings and reviews make us offer a premium multi-language service. We are used to handling large volumes of evaluations, questions and incidents in very diverse verticals such as pharmacy, cosmetics, clothing, toys or electronics.

  • Integrated dashboard for customer service management and monitoring
  • Review monitoring dashboard at global and product level
  • Dedicated team specialized in daily management
  • Native staff attention in 6 languages
  • Availability of attention in specific hours of the country – USA or Mexico
  • Reporting and constant study of comments, evaluations and Q&A

Stock Integrations - ERP- EDI - Amazon

It is impossible to manage a medium-high volume Vendor Central account at a resource level without effective integration with the vendor’s ERP to automate the processes of acceptance and receipt of purchase orders and stocks. Our IT department is very used to developing integrations for our clients through their ERP – EDI, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or any other – with the Vendor account. Our team is also made up of experts integrating, through the different solutions that the market already offers, the Seller Central account with the client’s own ecommerce – Magento, Prestahop or Shopify – to have all the orders centralized in the same place.

Processes and analytics implementation

Whether you sell in Vendor or Seller, or both at the same time, we offer you a fully integrated dashboard of the two platforms where you can consult all the information and analytics in a unified way on the same platform. In addition, our expert operations team in international sales will audit your entire logistics operation, processes and analytics to optimize every detail and get the maximum benefit from the sale and processes. Selling our own products and those of some of our clients worldwide and having our own warehouse with integrated logistical and operational processes give us a real vision and a deep know-how of what it means for a company to sell globally. Something impossible to know if you do not sell it by yourself.

FOB Amazon Orders: FCA Platform

Very few consulting firms in the world are aware of Amazon’s FOB order management through its platform for vendors. For large manufacturers with high volumes of supply and in certain categories, Amazon offers the possibility of placing large FCA orders that are collected from the same factory where manufactured and delivered directly to Amazon warehouses. We can offer:

  • Team with years of experience in FCA order management
  • Platform knowledge and contact with local teams
  • Incident resolution and operation problems
  • Introduction to the program with Amazon
  • Coordination with the negotiations’ Vendor Manager
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