Technology, data and analytics to make the right decisions

Thanks to our exclusive technology fredda.® we centralize and store all the brand information from different sources, along with the information we extract directly from Amazon, on a single platform. Through the analysis of such data, this allows us to have everything under control, being able to make very fast decisions with a higher percentage of success.


  • Retail – Vendor Central data: : We extract the data from your Vendor Central account / showing you your brand’s main KPIs.
  1. PO analysis – open, closed and canceled.
  2. Evolution and comparison at global level, country or ASIN.
  3. Monitoring and control of cancellations and penalties.
  4. Catalog analysis and availability and data extraction.
  5. ARA basic, Premium and Brand Analytics information.
  6. Advanced analytics with other modules such as Seller Central or PPC.
  • Seller Central data: We are the only platform that integrates Seller and Vendor Central information in the same dashboard. In our dashboard you will find all the necessary data to control and boost your international business in real time, both globally and by ASIN, being able to filter by any period of time.
  1. Sales, cost, margins and product performance.
  2. Order management – pending orders, returns, discounts …
  3. Forecasting and inventory – times, costs, replacement calculation …
  4. Customer management, segmentation and geotagging
  5. Product management – stocks, COGs, profit …
  6. Advanced analytics with other modules such as Vendor Central or PPC.
  • Advertising: We connect your advertising account to our dashboard and store the data permanently, avoiding the loss of data over the months.
  1. Sponsor Products
  2. Sponsor Brands
  3. Display & DSP dashboard (Beta)
  4. ASIN-level reports with grouped data from other modules.
  • Operations and performance: We store in a structured way all the data that affects the operations and performance of your products in Amazon in order to optimize the processes and the performance of the account.
  • Price control and sellers: Our price and vendor monitoring tool stores the data of the sales prices of each vendor of your products at the ASIN level in each marketplace, being able to control who raises and lowers prices, establish price stabilization strategies and protect against continuous retailers’ complaints. In addition, price benchmarks can be established by categories, types of products or your competition.
  • SEO and Sales Ranking:We are capable of executing different projects in our tool where not only do we monitor the daily changes of positions in the product rankings for each keyword, but also the direct influence of other actions in both the SEO rankings and the Sales Rankings. Our technology monitors the leaders of each category and extracts, through an inverse analysis, which competition factors make their products be above for certain keywords.
  • Content analysis:Continuous monitoring of both our clients’ products and those of the competition allows us to extract optimization data, keyword density, control possible content changes by third parties and establish patterns and benchmarks to optimize listings with data.
  • Brand Stores: Through a detailed analysis of the brands’ stores we measure and extract data on the most visited sections, most viewed products, organic and paid sales and many other very useful data that we can compare with those extracted from other modules and which help us make much better decisions to improve conversion and sales.
  • Reputation and ratings: We control all the evaluations and reviews of the products both by our native team’s daily management, and to extract data from customer comments. We carry out our clients’s reputational analysis, their competition, category, country or market.
  • Competition:Our tools allow us to analyze and monitor how the competition behaves in terms of prices, new products, performance, investment in advertising, positioning, reputation, catalog, sellers and other very useful information for any seller on Amazon.
  • Competition:We are experts in making different analysis models for our clients based on data from different categories and markets through which they can very precisely know everything they need to launch a new product, enhance their brand, increase their sales or make decisions related to your brand strategy, both on and off Amazon.
  • Catalog, products and trends: Amazon has such a volume of data that we are able, through our analytics technology, to detect product trends, analyze which products sell the most in each category and create together with the brand an ad-hoc catalog exponentially increasing the chances of success.
  • Custom data:Tell us what you need to measure, and we will take care of the rest.
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