Brand protection

Effective solutions to protect your brand.


Whether you are a brand that proactively sells on Amazon or if only your distributors sell,
you should not leave the management of your products and brand image in the hands of third parties.


We know that one of the biggest challenges that brands face is the sale price of their products by different sellers and Amazon itself, which can cause continuous problems with traditional retail, other sellers and generate problems of profitability on Amazon, whether you sell in 1P or 3P. That is why we developed our technology for monitoring prices and sellers that allows us to have prices at which each seller sells controlled at all times, being able to establish alerts of price increases and decreases and store all the products sold by each seller and their price fluctuations. Furthermore, this tool allows us to monitorize competitive products and establish benchmarks by product type and detect opportunities in the different verticals.


Our extensive experience working with different licenses worldwide has allowed us to develop a technology for detecting possible counterfeits and unofficial products in each marketplace. But we do not stop at detecting these potential counterfeits; on the contrary, our team will try to eliminate them under the different options that Amazon enables us.


We monitor your brand’s reputation and its daily evolution at a global level, by country, by product and even by variations at the ASIN level. Not only does this allow us to strategize at the global level, but also at the product level and to be able to detect potential problems with a product or its vendors, of which we also monitor their performance. Our technology allows us to receive notifications of evaluations and reviews of each product and to make an operational follow-up of it, in such a way that our operations team can manage them if necessary and the brand has full visibility and transparency of its products at all levels.


Even if the trademark is registered with Amazon, other sellers of such trademark are likely to try to change the contents of your own listings by making contributions. To be alert and avoid these changes in your own products, we have technology that can monitor all the contents of the products in your catalog and alert us if someone makes any changes in terms of title, images, vignettes, description or even A + content; notifying us if there are any attempts to change.


If you are a brand, you must control all the products created on Amazon both by the brand itself and by other sellers, not allowing a third party to control your brand’s listings, whether or not you sell through Amazon. We make available to our partners the service of taking control and subsequent monitoring of all the products in their catalog under the registered trademark, preventing others from having their control or duplicating products with different EAN or ASIN codes. We are very used to managing clients with more than 10,000 references and we monitor each of them so that the control of any of them is not duplicated or lost.


We are able, through our technology, to monitor the appearance of new sellers in each ASIN by country and to start to control who sells your products, how many products each seller sells, the prices at which they sell and of course the performance of each seller. No brand wants its products to be sold by sellers with poor performance or reputational problems, deliveries or low valuation.


There are categories and types of products that are very prone to having your listings hijacked or hijacked by other sellers. This has a very negative impact on sales, brand image, valuations, reputation and the perception of buyers. To detect this type of illegal behavior by other sellers, we have created an alert tool for possible cases of hijacking in your listings, so that they can be eliminated as quickly as possible.

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