Brand Management

We empower and control your brand
between Amazon buyers.



Our specialized team is expert in the creation and optimization of content to boost your brand, the conversion of your listings and organic positioning. We currently manage more than 70,000 listings in Europe, Mexico and the United States. Also, thanks to our international native team, we can develop the best content for your brand in 6 languages.

We also have fredda.® content analysis technology, which allows us to monitor and optimize every detail of your listings with data and analysis.


We are experts in the Amazon A9 Algorithm due to the large number of products in very complex categories that we have managed in all Amazon marketplaces. We will ensure that your products appear in the first organic positions of user searches for the main keywords and their longtail.

Such is our knowledge that we have developed our own SEO technology where we daily monitor each ASIN for the different keywords and we are able to measure how the optimization of the listings affects the improvement of the rankings of each product.


We have a lot of experience in the creation, design and strategic development of international Brand Stores of big brands. We analyze each metric; we test different strategies and we make the stores to succeed throughout the year.

We are fully aware of the problems that the design, creation and upload of optimized A + content in each and every one of the products in its catalogs, both in Vendor and Seller Central, represent for a brand. We are used to creating and managing brands with thousands of international listings that require a lot of dedication and time.


Conseguimos sacar el máximo partido a tus productos gracias a la minuciosa optimización que llevamos a cabo de los back-ends de tus listings, tanto en Vendor como Seller central.

Las optimizaciones que llevamos a cabo y el profundo y riguroso análisis de los keywords, tanto de los productos de la marca como su competencia, consiguen aumentar el posicionamiento y tráfico orgánico, generando más visibilidad y mejores ventas y beneficios.


We monitor the reputation and ratings of our customers’ products in each marketplace in real time thanks to our own technology, which allows us to monitor their evolution at all times and act quickly in the event of possible bad ratings or reputational problems for the brand and its sellers, to whom we also monitor their sales performance.

Nuestro equipo de operaciones gestiona y monitoriza cada día todas las valoraciones, reviews y preguntas de nuestros clientes, dando la respuesta más adecuada en cada momento. The managers of each account carry out a specialization training in each type of product, such as in the pharmaceutical sector where our teams have done a previous training with the brand for the correct management of questions and incidents.


Tenemos tecnología propia y un potente knowhow para crear, junto a la marca, el mejor catálogo posible para vender en cada país con las mayores posibilidades de éxito y rentabilidad posible.

Porque no es suficiente con subir el catálogo de una marca a cada marketplace, sino que es necesario conocer el mercado,la competencia, extraer datos, analizarlos y comprenderlos. Sólo así se podrá tener una oferta competitiva y de alto potencial de ventas.


We optimize the conversion of each listing to the maximum by doing continuous content and image testing (Vendor and Seller Central) to achieve the maximum level of optimization supported by objective and measurable data.

For this, we have our own content change control tool where we measure how these content changes affect either at a conversion or organic positioning levels (SEO).

Our work


At Azzgency we have developed our own technology specially designed for efficient management and total control of your brand worldwide.

One of the benefits of working with us is access to our personal network, both inside and outside Amazon, with Vendor and Seller managers in a multitude of categories, advertising managers, executives and many other very useful connections on a day-to-day basis of the brand.

Our team is made up of specialized professionals and ex – Amazonians with more than 10 years of experience in catalog, advertising, account management, design, content development, data analysis and operations. Remember that, unlike traditional agencies, we sell both our own products and those of some of our clients worldwide.

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