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We are an expert marketing consultant at Amazon, and we have former Amazonians in our team with many years of experience in managing large budgets in Sponsor Products and Sponsor Brand campaigns in a multitude of highly competitive verticals. We currently manage international campaigns in all European countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Thanks to our experience and proprietary technology, we are able to get the most out of your account and meet the expected results, whether they are generating more sales, higher margin, reducing ACoS, boosting growth, launching new products or defensive strategies for the brand.


We design and manage successful advertising strategies through the Amazon DSP, taking advantage of its exclusive audiences, high-quality inventory and those of the customers provided by Amazon to reach an audience related to our product, segmented and highly qualified to show the ads of your brand. Maximum transparency through audience information and campaign performance reports.

With us you do not need a minimum investment for your display campaigns, which is perfect to complement the rest of the campaigns and look for new marketing opportunities. In addition, we take care of the design of the creativeness necessary to carry out the different DSP campaigns, so that we facilitate their launch as much as possible.


Our services are not limited to manage marketing campaigns, but we plan together with the brand an annual strategy of own events on Amazon – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Special Weeks … – and events of the brand such as new product launches or specific dates.

Together with the brand, we create discounts and promotions previously planned to generate greater sales speed, traction, increase turnover or simply to liquidate stocks and make cash. We adapt ourselves to the needs of the brand and manage all kinds of promotions such as flash sales, discounts or coupons.


We have successfully launched numerous Vine campaigns to improve the reputation of your products, increase buyer confidence and boost your organic traffic and conversion. Even if you are not eligible to apply to the Vine program, we can manage it from any of our own Vendor or Seller Central accounts.

Our technology monitors in real time the reputation of your brand and your products, which allows us to carry out ad-hoc campaigns to improve the ratings of your products and mitigate, in many cases, the detrimental effects of possible negative user ratings on Amazon.



We have agreements with a wide network of influencers in all countries categorized by type of products and sectors through which we can promote any product for sale on Amazon through their social networks, promoting greater awareness of the brand.

We guide you throughout the process, from defining the objectives of the campaign to choosing the best influencers for each product category, designing the creatives, managing and launching the campaign with them and subsequent measurement.


We have specialists in managing Pay per click campaigns external to Amazon – Google, Facebook, Instagram and others – who are the ideal complement to generate more traffic to your listings externally.

Frequently the brand’s own listings on Amazon have a much higher conversion than the products of its own e-commerce, so they allocate investments from other advertising platforms to bring traffic to Amazon.

fredda.® technology


At Azzgency we have developed our own technology specifically designed to manage two key aspects:

  • Client reporting dashboard
  • Optimization and automation of campaigns for internal use

Our advertising module is integrated in fredda.® technology with the rest of the functionalities of our dashboard – both from Vendor and Seller Central – which allows us to do a detailed analysis at the product level and have a complete analysis taking into account SEO, analysis of content, sales, margins, returns, reputation, competition….

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