We are an international consultancy dedicated exclusively to Amazon, both for large brands and smaller companies with smaller budgets. We know that each client is totally different, so flexibility is one of our main virtues. We study the needs of each client making them our own, we carefully plan their strategy and execute the necessary plan to achieve their objectives.


Unlike other consultancies, we have learned from our own experience selling thousands of products around the world on Amazon, developing our own specialized technology and thanks to the management of large, very demanding brands, which make us improve ourselves day by day.

Proven Experience – We manage international brands in all categories with very competitive environments and great success.

Equipment and Technology – We have an ultra-specialized professional team with great experience and our own cutting-edge technology.

Fluid communication – We maintain a close and fluid day-to-day relationship with our clients.

Total Flexibility – We adapt to the objectives of our clients, their needs, expectations and resources.


Our long experience selling our own and third-party products on Amazon worldwide has made us short of third-party tools that exist in the market and are used by all agencies, so we have an in-house technology development team with expertise in Amazon to constantly develop new functionalities.

Meet the team

Our international team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in Amazon sales, ecommerce, data science, analytics, technology development, marketing and operations.

About fredda.@

About fredda.@ Do you want us to give you a demo of the technology applied to your brand? You only have to contact us and we will show you what we can do for you. Contact us at: fredda@azzgency.com

Work with us

If you are passionate about online marketing and you think there is a gap between us, contact us and we will analyze if your profile can fit among the positions that we always have open in: hr@azzgency.com

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